Fit Factory Sports Marketing

Project overview

Fit Factory is a sports marketing agency based in Paris, specializing in organizing a wide range of sports activities and corporate events for renowned clients such as Orange, Garmin, Reebok, Puma, Red Bull, The North Face, Adidas, Airbnb, UNESCO, and more.

The client approached us with a request to revamp their website, which was initially built on the WordPress platform. They were dissatisfied with both the design and functionality, as the site faced multiple issues. These included update errors, sluggish loading speeds due to unoptimized images, responsive design and layout errors, and a complex content management system with an overwhelming array of options that hindered user experience.

Of paramount importance was the client's portfolio page showcasing their completed projects. Our challenge was to streamline the design and simplify the content management system, enabling the client to easily update their projects independently.

Migration to Webflow

Our solution was to migrate the website to Webflow, an advanced web design platform with several advantages over WordPress, including:

  • 100% custom design with full responsiveness, avoiding the use of pre-made templates.
  • Custom configuration of the content management system, tailored to the client's specific needs.
  • The ability for the client to edit content directly on the website, eliminating the need for a separate control panel.
  • Hosting service on Amazon servers for maximum speed, scalability, security, and automatic backups.


The brand's primary color is orange, reflecting its core values of energy, movement, and youth. This vibrant color features a gradient reminiscent of a stunning sunset.

Additionally, we introduced a complementary blue and a warm neutral gray, along with brighter variations. This versatile palette adds variety to different sections of the website.


We approached the redesign while preserving the company's original corporate identity.

We selected the Montserrat typeface due to its similarity to the original logo. Montserrat is widely used and recognized for its excellent readability across various digital mediums.

Design System

The website's redesign is built upon a design system that incorporates styles for key elements such as headings, banners, buttons, forms, icons, and links.

Here's an example of the banner style within each section, featuring a header, a headline, a divider, and a background image on a flat color background.


The website serves as a corporate platform aimed at conveying Fit Factory's value proposition and its strong connections between sports and business.

The landing page showcases a hero banner with a corporate video introducing the company, accompanied by visuals of the target audience – employees of various organizations – engaged in sporting activities.

Consistency in the design system is maintained throughout the website, with slight variations in color to distinguish different sections effectively.

Visit the Website

  • — UX / UI custom design
  • — Marketing copy writing
  • — 4 Devices
  • — Video elements
  • — Responsive design
  • — High performance & speed

Custom CMS

As outlined in the project brief, one of the most critical aspects was the portfolio page, which needed a fully functional content management system.

This portfolio displays a categorized list of projects, facilitating user navigation to find projects related to their interests.

Through a simple editor, the client has the capability to create new projects or modify existing ones, with various fields to fill in, including title, categories, client, mission, results, credits, videos, and photos. These fields are custom-designed for the client to simplify the content management process.

The system automatically configures each page based on the content provided, dynamically adjusting the layout to display the most appealing combination of videos and photos.

  • — Custom CMS Fields
  • — Automatic Layouts
  • — Editing from browser
  • — Images optimization
  • — Flawless ux


Our project resulted in a significant enhancement of the agency's brand image through a completely redesigned website that adheres to the original visual identity.

Utilizing Webflow, we created a bespoke design that sets Fit Factory apart from its competition, in stark contrast to the previous generic WordPress template.

The Webflow Editor empowers the client to manage content through a minimalist user interface, eliminating the need for complex options that are rarely used and alleviating concerns about future updates or plugin compatibility.

In summary, our client experienced a highly satisfactory outcome, reporting increased sales and a surge in project confirmations in the months following the website's implementation.

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